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Identify the Intangibles™

Premier Athletic Assessment.
The Premier Athletic Assessment™ is the combination of tests designed for the dedicated athlete to provide quantitative measurements of physical and mental attributes. The tests are a state of the art work up which produces a comprehensive profile of the athlete. The PAA™ includes a baseline concussion test, vision test, cognitive test, agility, strength and power test as well as a test for range of motion and body awareness. The Premier Athletic Assessment™ is not only a one of a kind tool that can identify areas of focus, but at Premier Athletic Development Boston, the dedicated athlete now has a complete support team that can assist in areas of training, development, health and wellness all under one roof.
Premier Athletic Assessment

Unleashed Fitness.
Unleashed Fitness- UFit is an athletic boutique. Offering unique sports inspired fitness programming for athletes and fitness fanatics! We will redefine and recharge you with our classes! We also offer private training for individuals or small groups/sports teams At UFit, it is all about U!UFit

The Athletes Yoga
Namasté Yoga-The Athlete's Yoga aims to reveal the inner strength and hidden potential of each of its students and is devoted to helping athletes prevent injury, enhance performance and overcome physical and mental challenges. Designed to complement any sport, this well balanced powerful program is ideal conditioning for the disciplined athlete in pursuit of the competitive edge they need to succeed.The Athletes Yoga

Eye on Performance.
Eye on Performance is dedicated to enhancing the vision of athletes, using a series of testing and training techniques designed to evaluate, improve and enhance the skills needed to compete. Our programs are geared to your individual needs, with the ultimate goal of improving your performance.Eye on Performance

COG Sports.
Cog Sports (The Center for Cognitive Sports Performance™) develops cutting-edge proprietary tools that identify, measure, and address the "intangibles" within athletes and teams, including character and ethics, emotional intelligence, hardiness, resiliency, leadership, mental toughness and more. The Cog Sports team includes an expert staff that provides training, support, and ongoing consultation to identify attributes and to address and improve upon results.COG Sports

Sports Physical Therapy and Associates.
Sports and Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) is noted as one of the premier physical therapy rehabilitation centers in New England. They serve early adolescents, Seniors, and everyone in between. Whether you are a high school athlete, a retiree, a professional sports team, or CEO of your family, SPTA is the place to go for the best therapy. Our staff will help you achieve success, returning you to your sport or activity without restriction. SPTA

Stop It Goaltending
Since 1999 Stop It Goaltending has been instrumental in the development of twenty-five NHL draft picks and over a hundred goalies that have gone on to college and pro hockey. SIG offers summer programs, private lessons, in-season coaching, consulting services, and video analysis and now offersmall group and private goalie training at the PAD.SIG Private Lessons

The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education
The mission of The Foundation for Goaltending Research and Education is to educate goalies, parents, coaches and the hockey community on the physical and psychological development of ice hockey goaltenders, as well as conduct research on the health, safety and the environment factors that affect all goalies.