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Identify the Intangibles™
About CogSports

CogSports (The Center for Cognitive Sports Performance™) develops cutting-edge proprietary tools that identify, measure, and address the “intangibles” within athletes and teams, including character and ethics, emotional intelligence, hardiness, resiliency, leadership, mental toughness and more. The CogSports team includes an expert staff that provides training, support, and ongoing consultation to identify attributes and to address and improve upon results.

Our tools have been:

  • Utilized in a variety of athletic settings to identify and develop individual and team intangibles.
  • Developed, validated and refined by leading University and Industry professionals.
  • Used by the Navy Seals and Naval War College to identify and develop leaders and leadership skills within the framework of the “Stockdale” Leadership Model.
  • Applied successfully in a wide range of venues beyond sports, including University and Corporate team building programs.

Click here for more information about the ATHLETT®, our proprietary psychometric performance tool.