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Identify the Intangibles™
Athletes, Teams, Levels and Leagues

Our cutting-edge proprietary tools have been utilized in a variety of athletic settings to identify and develop individual and team intangibles.

Examples of these intangibles as identified, emphasized and developed by level is as follows:

  • Professional - Character and Ethics, Leadership, Team Building, Emotional Control, Pre-Draft, Pre-Trade
  • College - Holistic Life Skills, Mental Toughness, Character Building, Career Planning, Team Play, Listening
  • Prep and High School - Life Skills, Admissions and Recruiting, Team Building And Leadership, Mental Toughness, Empathy, Listening
  • Development Academies and Organizations - Self Leadership, Perseverance, Self Organization, Intensity
  • Youth - Creativity, Emotional Control, Selflessness, Self Confidence, Active Listening