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Identify the Intangibles™


History and Development 


CogSports’™ propriety tool, the ATHLETT™ (Leadership Enhancement Training Tool for Athletic Results), is a uniquely comprehensive leadership assessment for sports executives, coaches, teams, stakeholders, and athletes to identify the intangible factors that impact an athlete’s and team’s success. It has proven legitimate and valuable from youth through professional levels.

The ATHLETT™ was developed in partnership with the team that created the LETT® (Leadership Evaluation Tool), a cutting-edge leadership identification system endorsed by members of the psychology department at Princeton University and used by the Navy SEALs and the Naval War College, as well as by universities and corporations.

The ATHLETT™ captures more than 30 key characteristics, including: character, leadership, decisiveness, mental toughness, integrity, perseverance and coachability. The scores produced by the ATHLETT™ allow an athlete, coach or organization to quickly identify key areas of strength or weakness in these categories.

As an organizational tool, the ATHLETT™ provides athletes and teams of all levels a valuable picture of the “emotional terrain,” giving an overview of a team based on the Stockdale Leadership model and embodying this ethos. The Stockdale Leadership model, a model that focuses on individual character, conduct, and communication as the core of its Ethos, is one of selfless leadership and shared sacrifice. CogSports has found that these two themes, when identified, nurtured and channeled, are game changers in the world of sports.


Process / Experience / Results

The ATHLETT™ is first administered via a simple online application usually taking no more than 20 minutes. The user is given a number of statements eliciting spontaneous responses that our proprietary algorithms process to provide an “honest” assessment of one’s emotional and mental terrain. Collectively, this same process has proven integral in determining and developing the personality of an entire team or organization. The CogSports™ team is able to provide a comprehensive “score” report within hours.

Then, the questions answered are translated into scores, ranging from 0 to 100, with high scores denoting strength in an area and low scores denoting a potential trouble area. These scores are then color-coded (red to yellow to green to blue) based on their numeric value to provide ease of analysis by the Debriefer (typically Coach, Staff, Group Leader, Manager).

The final part of the initial application is the ATHLETT™ is the Debrief session, which not only helps to interpret the results, but is also be useful in uncovering root causes of deficits so that they can be addressed and corrected through ongoing work with our staff . Please see the following sections for more information:

  • Evaluation/Debrief/Debrief Certification
  • Consultation and Training
  • Ongoing Services and Programs

CogSports™ has given us the foundation for our team ethos that is based on leadership and shared sacrifice. By training our players about the importance of these skills and how team members can improve them, it gives us the confidence to compete at a higher level and with a significant competitive edge. I know that we will continue to work with CogSports to bring each new class of student athletes up to speed and build on this effort. – Jack Cosgrove, Head Coach of University of Maine Football

In short, as the LETT® has become the gold standard for leadership evaluation, while at the same time the Stockdale Leadership Model has become a similar standard for defining the Navy Ethos, I couldn’t be happier that both are nurtured on the shores of Narragansett Bay [at the Naval War College]. – James B. Stockdale, II

Case Studies and Beta Programs

The CogSports team has successfully tested and implemented our full programs across a wide spectrum of levels. From elite youth developmental academies to Division One College on up to professional leagues. Please inquire for details.